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Training Back? Don't make these mistakes!

Do you hammer your back with endless sets of deadlifts, rows, and pull ups, only to see little-to-no growth?

That’s probably because you’re committing one of these killer back training mistakes.

Read on to see why your back growth has stalled, and what you need to do to fix it.


Yes, you need to lift reasonably heavy weights in order to create enough tension and overload for your muscles to struggle and grow. However, if you’re trying too lift too heavy of a weight, you’re killing your gains -- especially when it comes to training your back.

Simply put, if the weight is too heavy such that you cannot get your elbows behind your torso, you’re using too much weight. Failure to get the elbows behind your body means you’re not getting a complete contraction of the lats, which is leaving some serious gains on the table.

Check your ego, drop your pride, and use a weight that you can control through the entire range of motion.


Herniating a disc is the quickest way to bring your training schedule to a screeching halt.

It can lead to nerve damage, chronic pain, or numbness as well as the inability to complete a full contraction.

When you allow your back to round, excessive (and unnecessary) pressure is placed on the discs in your spine, which significantly increases the chances of you entering “snap city.”

Regardless if you’re doing a vertical or horizontal pull, make sure to keep a big chest, tight core, and small arch in your lower back. If you cannot maintain proper posture while performing an exercise, it means you’re going too heavy.

And if that’s the case, refer to point #1.


The spinal erectors (low back) play a critical role in your ability to lift maximal loads in the deadlift, squat, overhead press, and just about any other exercise that has you standing on your feet.

While it’s true that any standing exercise will train the erectors to one degree or another, if you want to make them as strong as possible, then you need to train them directly just like you would the lats, rhomboids, and rear delts.

Start incorporating some direct low back work each back session and watch your strength in the big 3 lifts really start to take off!

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