Tips on fat loss for beginners

Are you looking to lose weight and burn unwanted body fat?

Have you tried dieting before and only experienced hunger, frustration, and disappointment?

Then, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve assembled some of the best tips around for beginners embarking on the first fat loss journey.

4 Tips to Help Beginners Lose Fat

Set Reasonable Expectations

Quite frequently, individuals wanting to lose fat become frustrated by their results because they’re not as dramatic as those seen in advertisements. Realistic sustainable weight loss isn’t losing 10 pounds in one week or even three weeks.

Part of weight loss success is having reasonable expectations. Don’t become another victim of weight loss scams. Those fad diets and junk detoxes are absolute bunk.

True weight loss comes from a moderate calorie deficit over time. You can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week. This is a rate that allows you to lose body fat while retaining your lean muscle mass.

Accept That Change is Part of the Process

Long-term fat loss is not simply avoiding “x” number of foods for a couple of week. To make your changes permanent, you will need to make long-lasting changes to your habits, behaviors, and choices.

What you eat, when you eat, how you eat, who you choose to associate with, and your level of physical activity will all need to be given a close look under the microscope if you’re serious about losing weight.

Avoid Liquid Calories

No sports drinks, no cold-pressed “fancy” juices, and definitely no soda pop. These sugar-laden beverages do little to help you feel full, but they do make a rather huge dent in your daily calorie intake.

When dieting, you should be drinking primarily water. A protein shake (such as Predator Pro) after your workout is fine, but that’s the lone exception.

Track Your Food Intake

The only way to know if you are truly eating a calorie deficit is to track your nutrition. This point is especially important for beginners who are notorious for overestimating levels of physical activity (calories burned) and underestimating the amount of food they eat (calories in).

By tracking your nutrition, you know exactly how many calories you’ve eaten. So, if the number on the scale isn’t moving, you know you need to make adjustments.

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