The Exciting New Class of Pre Workout Ingredients: Nootropics

In years past, supplement companies had it easy when it came to delivering a hard-hitting, high energy pre workout. All they had to do was create an “ultra-concentrated” pre workout bursting with caffeine and laced with amphetamine-like compounds (DMAA, DMHA, etc.), and voila!


You had enough “lazer focus”, “animalistic aggression” and “limitless energy” to power you through 3-hour workouts.


These days, creating a top pre workout supplement isn’t so easy, especially if you’re after long-lasting energy and heightened focus, hence why everyone still refers to Jack3d when judging pre workouts.


But, the truth is you can still experience similar feelings of endless energy and tunnel vision focus by the proper combination of caffeine (the king of pre workout stimulants) and a class of compounds called nootropics.


Now, there’s a whole world of nootropics out there, but when it comes to finding the best nootropics for better workouts, you need look no further than the complementary pairing of choline bitartrate and huperzine a.


These two nootropics work to enhance levels of the “learning neurotransmitter”, acetylcholine, which in addition to improving learning, also enhances memory and focus.


Even more importantly, acetylcholine is also involved in muscle contractions and plays a key role in the ever-so-important mind=muscle connection.




Choline bitartrate provides the building block for acetylcholine -- choline, which is an essential nutrient heavily involved in cognitive development. Choline also helps reduce levels of the inflammatory marker homocysteine.


Huperzine is an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor, which means that huperzine limits the actions of the enzyme that breaks down acetylcholine. This ultimately leads to greater concentrations of acetylcholine, promoting stronger, longer-lasting focus and a tighter mind-muscle connection.


And, if you’re looking for a top-rated pre workout supplement that delivers intense, long-lasting energy and focus, you need look no further than Killer Labz Executioner, which includes both Choline bitartrate and Huperzine alongside 400mg caffeine anhydrous plus additional energy boosters like Eria Jarensis and NMT.