New Noxious Label and Formula Revealed

Stack3d New Noxious Formula/Label Reveal

After weeks of teasers, details, sneak peeks, and more, we have finally unveiled our full formula behind our all-new edition of the stimulant-free, pump enhancing pre-workout Noxious. We promised the latest version would be our most packed out and effective pump pre-workout to date and feature a serving size 40% bigger than its predecessor.

You can see the full facts panel for our sequel Noxious in the image below, combining a handful of well-dosed, reliable pump ingredients with a few to support hydration. On the pump side, you get 3g of pure citrulline per serving, 2g of GlycerSize branded glycerol, 50mg of the premium S7 blend, 125mg of norvaline, and lastly, 100mg of pine bark.

New Noxious

The only other features in our latest Noxious is its ability to support and help with hydration, including a gram of taurine, half a gram of coconut water, and a couple of electrolytes. All of the ingredients roll together to deliver intense and enhanced muscle pumps, without any stimulants, and coming in two flavors, Strawberry Murder-ita and Sour Slaughter.

It is also worth noting we have designed the new Noxious for use alongside the revamped version of our stimulant pre-workout Executioner. Although we haven't revealed the formulation of our Executioner pre-workout the two have been formulated so they can stack together, with Executioner being the one that delivers the stimulating energy and focus.

Noxious is due to become available in the near future in tubs packing 30 full servings, with the same to be said for our intense and hard-hitting new take on Executioner.