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New and improved Noxious coming soon!

Stack3d Noxious Announcement!

We have shared a bit more information on the upcoming, all-new version of our stimulant-free, pump enhancing pre-workout, Noxious. We recently revealed the supplement would feature a loaded combination of ingredients, right up there with the best in the category, and now you have an idea of exactly how much bigger.

We have revealed the serving size of the revamped Noxious will be roughly 40% bigger, weighing 11.5g compared to 8, giving it plenty of room for that promise of a more packed out formula. While we have still yet to reveal the complete combination of ingredients and dosages, we have named one of them with the S7 pump blend at 50mg per serve.

We are currently aiming to have the new and improved Noxious available somewhere around the middle of next month in about three to four weeks. It’ll have two flavors on its menu, neither of which are from the current version of Noxious, with one of those two confirmed as the cocktail-inspired, Strawberry Murder-ita.