Killer Labz passes on a few more details about its promising new Executioner

Stack3d Executioner details reveal

We recently confirmed we are coming out with a new and improved version of our stimulant-powered pre-workout Executioner, similar to what we have coming down the pipeline for our stim-free pre, Noxious. Also, much like our hardcore brand’s upcoming Noxious, the new take on Executioner is having bits and pieces slowly shared in the lead up to its eventual arrival.

This week we’ve got that first lot of information released for our improved Executioner, which promises to be the our most intense stimulant experience to date. The details we have to share are that the updated Executioner will have a reasonable 11g serving size and include the pump blend S7 at 50mg and Infinergy di-caffeine malate at an unknown amount.

The one other bit of information we have passed on for our promising Executioner pre-workout is it’s going to launch in the same two flavors as the revamped Noxious with Murder-Ita and Sour Slaughter. Fans of our brand will be able to stack the two pre-workouts together for a more intense combination of benefits, so the identical flavors do make sense.