Ignore These 2 Big Weight Loss Myths

Fat loss has become so convoluted in recent years thanks to all sorts of shenanigans rolled out by alleged “gurus”, TV doctors, and social media stars.

The truth is, that fat loss, much like muscle building, isn’t all that complicated. If you eat fewer calories than your body requires on a daily basis, you will lose weight. And, if you make sure to consume enough dietary protein, chances are pretty good that the weight you will lose will almost solely be fat with little to no muscle loss.

Here, we present 2 absurd myths about fat burning and weight loss that you should ignore at all costs.



Low-carb, ketogenic diets are all the rage these days. Keto zealots have promoted the idea that insulin and carbohydrates are at the root of the world’s weight crisis and that our only salvation is through eliminating them from the diet.

The truth is, it’s not carbohydrates or insulin that is making your gain weight. It is the excess of calories you are consuming that is causing your body to store fat. And what’s more, you can gain weight eating absolutely no carbohydrates at all.

Furthermore, recent studies have shown that low-carb diets are no better than lower fat, higher carb diets when it comes to weight loss.

Remember, weight loss is primarily determined by calories in vs calories out. If your diet consists of nothing but Twinkies, but you eat fewer calories than your body requires, you will lose weight...not that we’re recommending you base your diet around twinkies or any other highly processed, micronutrient-poor food.


Another age old myth that won’t seem to die is that in order to effectively lose body fat, you must perform cardio and that you have to be fasted when you perform said cardio.

Unfortunately, this is another one of the many myths rooted in pseudoscience.

You see, when you train in a fasted state at a low-to-moderate intensity, the body relies primarily on stored body fat for energy rather than the calories from the food you had eaten in your pre workout meal.

The truth is that for most people interested in losing weight exercise contributes a paltry amount to your daily energy expenditure. An hour of steady state cardio might burn 200-300 calories. That amount is easily wiped out by being a bit too liberal with your serving of peanut butter for the day.

Furthermore, the body has natural mechanisms which downregulate fat burning at other times of the day and upregulate carbohydrate burning. And to top it off, research has even compared the fat loss effects of fed vs fasted cardio and noted that there is no difference in terms of weight loss or body composition between the two.

Simply put this myth doesn’t hold water. Perform fasted cardio if you enjoy it, but by no means is it required to lose body fat.


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