How To Reach Your Strength Goals For 2022

The new year is here, and for many individuals (i.e. the slobs that binged all during the holidays), the focus is on losing weight and burning fat.


But for you killerz out there, you’re not sloppy. You couldn’t give two craps about losing weight. You’re looking to make gainz and build some serious size & strength this year.


Fortunately for you, we’re not wasting your time with a schlock like “Top 5 Food to Burn Belly Fat” or “Best Workouts to Lose Love Handles.”


We’re here to give you real advice on how to actually become bigger, stronger, and faster this year (and every year after!).

How to Build Strength for 2022

Identify Your Goals

First, you need to figure out what your exact “strength” goals are for the year.


Do you want to get stronger in the main power lifts (bench, squat, deadlift) or are you looking for more total body, “functional” fitness?


Having a clear goal in mind will help you structure your training such that you actually get stronger for what goal you want to accomplish.

Build a Training Plan

Once you have your goal firmly cemented in your mind, you need to build an actual training plan that will help you reach your strength goals for 2022.


If you’re focused on competitive powerlifting, that means focusing on the “big 3” lifts. If it’s more total body strength and “functional fitness”, then you will need to structure your training plan differently.


One of the main reasons that individuals fail to meet their goals is they simply don’t feed their body enough calories or protein. Understand this, in order to build muscle and strength, you need to consume enough food. Without it, even the best pre workout supplements, can only do so much.


Start tracking your nutrition, hit those numbers every day, and watch your poundages go up!

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