How To Break A Plateau During Your Weight Loss Journey

Many people begin a life in fitness to help lose weight and get healthier. However, after several weeks of successful dieting the initial success you experienced where weight came off relatively quickly has started to slow and may have stopped entirely.

What gives?

Chances are you’ve hit a plateau, which can be both frustrating and demotivating, but it doesn’t have to be.

Weight loss plateaus typically result from your body’s metabolism adjusting to its new lower weight and reduced calorie intake. Your body has to move less mass as a result of you losing weight, therefore it’s not burning as many calories when it moves through space.

Additionally, the body is always seeking homeostasis. If it is constantly being fed fewer calories than it needs, your metabolism will eventually downshift and expend less energy during the day in an effort to conserve energy.

To combat these two things from completely stalling your weight loss transformation, we’ve got some killer tips to help you break through your weight loss plateau.

Weight loss is simply a matter of calories in vs calories out. Increasing the intensity and/or frequency of your workouts, can help increase calorie expenditure during the day and get the weight loss needle moving again.

If you’re already performing multiple exercise sessions per week and don’t really want to be in the gym any more, you can reduce your daily calorie intake further to create an energy deficit.

NEAT stands for non-exercise activity thermogenesis and it is the facet of metabolism that constitutes all calories burned from non-structured physical activity. Things like tapping your toes or fingers, fidgeting, or walking across the parking lot count as NEAT.

Small changes that you can do throughout the day to increase NEAT are to park farther back in the parking lot wherever you go. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Do more of your office work (teleconferences, meetings, etc), standing instead of sitting.

These little changes add up over time to help you burn more calories and bust your plateau in weight loss.


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