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Epicatechin: Build Muscle and Lose Fat?


The short answer is, YES! It’s actually probable that someone can lose fat and gain muscle simultaneously. Think about it. If you go from not exercising and not dieting to doing both of those things, it’s expected that you would gain some muscle and shed some unwanted pounds, so it is certainly possible.

Of course, the people asking this crucial question are already doing both of those things, so the question is actually, “is this possible for me?” When someone has a lot of muscle and very little body fat already, they’re much more likely to lose muscle and gain fat simply due to homeostasis – the body returning to its “set point.” On the topic of body recomposition, it’s not as hard to maintain or even increase muscle when dieting down after a bulking phase, but it is unlikely.

Obviously diet and exercise are essential for body recomposition or any other pursuit of a better body. For anyone who is not a genetic freak, however, diet and exercise are not enough. Certain supplements aren’t just a luxury to ease the process – they are an absolute necessity if you want a ripped and hulkish physique. Even the genetic freaks need supplements to compete at the highest levels.

 Build Muscle


For the basics, protein powders (if you consider them supplements), creatine, caffeine, and a few other well-known ingredients have their applications. Here’s one that doesn’t get enough attention. Epicatechin. Specifically, (-)-epicatechin.

This is an important distinction. Epicatechin has different chemical arrangements while remaining the same molecule. It’s kind of like having “L” or “D” amino acids – we always want the “L” amino. One works the way we want it to and one doesn’t. When it comes to epicatechin, we are interested in (-)-epicatechin for improving body composition and body recomposition. You may recognize epicatechin from its prominence in green tea or chocolate. (-)-epicatechin maintains all of those great antioxidant, brain, and heart health effects. It adds some serious muscle building and fat burning potential.

It was only a few decades ago that drugs redefined the sport of bodybuilding. Top pros are currently pushing a 300 pound stage weight, but there is one thing coming that could put 300 pounds at 1-2% body fat in the rear view mirror. One of the final frontiers in bodybuilding is blocking myostatin. myo- = muscle; -statin = stop. Myostatins role in the body is to tell muscles to stop growing – that sucks! Currently, there are no drugs able to block myostatin. Actually, there is one, but the cost to produce it in human quantities is in the seven figures!


Back here in the realms of reality, we can rely on (-)-epicatechin to reduce myostatin by about 20%. One of the awesome parts about reducing myostatin and building muscle is that building muscle costs energy – energy that is going to come from body fat unless you’re eating a few extra triple cheeseburgers and getting a significant amount of extra calories to meet muscle-building demands. If you’ve ever seen a myostatin deficient dog or bull (worth the google, if you have not), they’re not just jacked, they’re shredded! They don’t even lift!

Some of the most potent muscle building and body leaning agents (e.g., tren) end up making people feel fatigued because of the huge energy demand, and their workout intensity starts to suffer. That’s not the case with (-)-epicatechin. While it is true that growing muscle will burn up extra calories, (-)-epicatechin dramatically enhances endurance by improving energy metabolism inside the muscle cells. In short, bigger muscles, less body fat, more energy!

A full dose of (-)-epicatechin, 150 mg, can be found in every serving of Killer Labz’ anabolic leaning agent, Epistrol. The (-)-epicatechin is accompanied by an estrogen-blocking testosterone booster in Androsta-3, 5-diene-7, 17-dione to attack fat on multiple levels while keeping anabolism firing on all cylinders. If you’ve ever wanted to know what the pros call “growing into the show,” and assuming you don’t want to do anything beyond the limits of the law, Epistrol is perfect for you! Experience unrivaled gains with Epistrol!