Ditch Dirty Bulking, Go For Strategic Cheat Meals

The holiday season is here, and for so many, that is synonymous with 'bulking season'. However, you don't want to compromise your gains by indulging in a full-blown "dirty bulk." Instead, let's explore a savvy approach to achieving your muscle-building goals while still enjoying this time of year to the fullest. In this article, we'll differentiate between cheat meals, cheat days, and dirty bulking. We offer tips on planning the day of your cheat meal (cause there should be a plan) as well as discuss timing and benefits to cheat meals.

Differentiating Between Cheat Meals, Cheat Days, and Dirty Bulking:

Before we get into how to utilize cheat meals to get the most out of your bulk without unnecessary fat gain, lets break down 3 distinct approaches one can take when it comes to bulking through the holidays: cheat meals, cheat days, and full on dirty bulking.


1. Cheat meals are a meticulously planned strategy for enjoying delicious high calorie food while staying aligned with your overall nutritional goals, often scheduled for a specific day. They break the monotony of your bulking diet, offer a psychological reward, and foster muscle gain without compromising your nutrition.

2. Cheat days, on the other hand, involve a day-long indulgence, often without a clear plan, and typically encompass multiple cheat meals. While enjoyable, they come with a risk of consuming excessive calories, potentially affecting your bulking progress.

3. Dirty bulking, way on the other end of the spectrum, is the most calorically extreme approach, characterized by excessive calorie intake and indulgence in a wide array of foods, frequently rich in unhealthy fats and sugars. It entails minimal dietary control, focusing primarily on achieving a calorie surplus for maximal muscle gain, regardless of food quality, which can lead to substantial fat gain, impacting your overall health and physique negatively.

How to Plan Your Cheat Meal Day:

  1. Mark Your Calendar: To make the most of your holiday bulking strategy, designate a specific day and time for your cheat meal. This helps you eagerly anticipate the meal while maintaining control over your diet.

  2. Mindful Enjoyment: Make sure you really enjoy it. Since you're taking the smart approach its best to treat it as a special occasion you genuinely look forward to.

  3. Strategic Timing: Opt for a day when you're particularly active or right after an intense workout. Your body can make the most of those extra calories and carbohydrates during these times.

  4. Stay Hydrated: Staying well-hydrated throughout the day helps manage cravings and prevent excessive indulgence.

  5. Plan The Other Meals Of The Day Accordingly: Make sure the meals you're having on the day of your cheat meal are a bit leaner than usual with protein at optimal levels to maintain muscle gain and give you a little caloric wiggle room.

How Often Should You Have a Cheat Meal:

The frequency of your cheat meals depends on your specific bulking goals and how your body responds. For those who are bulking up during the holidays, indulging in a well-planned cheat meal once a week or every 10-14 days is a reasonable approach. Adjust the frequency based on your progress, how you feel, and over all change in body composition. Consistency with your regular, balanced meals between cheat meals is crucial to support your bulking journey. In the context of a cut, more attention needs to be paid towards timing, namely less frequency over all. 

The Benefits of Using Cheat Meals Wisely:

Strategic cheat meals offer more than just satisfying your taste buds. When incorporated thoughtfully, they provide various benefits. Cheat meals break the monotony of a strict bulking diet, give your metabolism a boost, and help ward off feelings of deprivation. They also serve as a psychological reward, keeping you motivated to adhere to your muscle-building plan throughout the holiday season.


This holiday season, you can bulk up wisely and enjoy the festivities while adding muscle to your physique. The key is to strike a balance between your bulking goals and holiday enjoyment. Enjoy the good food that comes with this time of year, commit to your workouts, and use cheat meals as a valuable tool in your bulking strategy. To get the most out of the surplus of calories you're eating during your bulk, utilize the Natty Mass Kill Kit to ensure those calories are being used to grow lean muscle mass!