Crush Your Goals for The New Year: A Killer Guide for Weight loss

As we roll into the new year, fueled by a burning desire to ditch the extra pounds and level up our health and physique, it's time to get real about fat loss. Here's your no BS guide to owning your weight loss goals for the new year.

#1 Protein Power Play


Let’s talk protein, the hero of your weight loss saga. This stuff fills you up, cranks up the calorie burn during digestion, and protects those hard-earned gains during the diet grind. For real results, aim for 1-1.2 grams of protein per pound of body weight. Lean towards the higher end during the weight loss hustle. Mix in some carbs and fats to keep things interesting.

#2 Cardio Game Plan

Cardio is like the secret weapon in your fat-burning arsenal. Keep it separate from weight lifting sessions. Go for a walk or light jog after pumping iron. If you’re feeling feisty, hit up some high-intensity interval training (HIIT) for a calorie bonfire. Morning fasted cardio followed by a protein-rich breakfast is a legit fat-burning strategy.

#3 Real Food Rules, Fad Diets Drool

Ditch the diet fads and gimmicks. Time to get real with your food choices. Chuck the processed crap and stick to whole foods. Need inspiration? Google some easy, healthy recipes, and get your InstaPot game on. No calorie-guessing here – weigh that sh*t and stay in that deficit.

#4 Lift Heavy, Lift Hard

Cardio junkies, listen up. Resistance training is where it's at for serious fat loss. Build muscle, rev up that metabolism, and torch calories like a boss. Don't slack off during a cut – keep the intensity high, lift heavy, and maybe even score some lean gains along the way. Skip the cardio marathon before weights; you're not looking for muscle loss, right?

#5 Fat Loss Supps 

Now, about supplements – they’re like the sidekick in your fat-loss adventure. EXTERMINATOR, our hardcore fat burner, is packing a punch with thermogenics, lipolytics, and appetite crushers. But don’t kid yourself – supps won’t save your lazy ass. Nail your diet and crush those workouts, then let the supps do their thing.

Get ready to kick ass and own your weight loss journey this new year with these no-bullsh*t strategies. It's time to crush it!