Best Pre Workout Supplements - Beta Alanine

Who doesn’t love the surge of adrenaline, the boost in focus, the infusion of motivation that comes with every serving of pre workout supplements?

Used in just the right amount, pre workouts can help you to perform better in your workouts, lasting longer and lifting more weight, which increases protein synthesis and helps spur extreme muscle growth.

Yet, as great as pre workouts are, and as commonly as they are used by gym rats around the world, few people understand how they actually enhance performance, aside from boosting energy (thanks in large part to caffeine).

Today, we highlight one of the most common, yet least understood, pre workout supplements in beta alanine.


Beta Alanine


Beta alanine is a nonessential amino acid that binds to histidine, one of the nine essential amino acids, to form carnosine, a powerful intracellular buffer.

Why is this important?

One of the primary functions of carnosine is to maintain a stable pH level in skeletal muscle tissue. It does this by regulating acidity.

When muscles contract a number of metabolites are generated including hydrogen ions (H+). The longer your muscles are under tension and the more times they contract, the more these metabolites accumulate and the more “burn” you feel in your muscles.

At a certain point, the pH level in your muscle drops too low (as a result of H+ accumulation), which impairs your muscle from contracting any more, which means your working set is over.


Carnosine functions as a buffer to these acidic ions, helping clear them from your muscles, which allows you to extend your training set. Increasing the amount of carnosine in the muscle improves your muscle’s buffering capacity enabling you to train longer and harder -- banging out more reps across more sets, ultimately moving more weight and making greater gains.

Beta alanine has been backed by numerous studies to increase carnosine concentrations in skeletal muscle. It’s even been shown to be more effective than carnosine itself at increasing muscle concentrations of the acid buffer!

Supplementing with beta alanine has been shown in multiple types of athletes to increase endurance, strength, and muscle growth.


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