Best Pre Workout Ingredients: Glycerol

Glycerol has been a mainstay component of pre workouts and hydration support supplements for a long time, due in large part to the molecules ability to “transform” muscles into ultra-absorbent sponges. As a result of the muscles absorbing extra water, they:

  • are better protected against they dehydrating effects of exercise
  • Are able to perform at a higher level before succumbing to fatigue
  • Experience a tremendous cellular swelling effect which yields muscle fullness alongside some killer “water-based” pumps.

However, all of the various glycerol-based supplements have suffered from the same set of problems, including:

  • Poor shelf-stability (products go rancid)
  • Poor mixability (leaving you with gobs of clumpy, undissolved powder on the sides of your shaker)

This last issue is perhaps the most bothersome, as you can circumvent the shelf-stability by placing your tub in the refrigerator or using it fairly quickly. And to solve the mixability problem, you could always dry shoot the powder or mix your pre workout in a blender (though that’s not very practical for most people).

It’s the clumping that is the most bothersome of the three for lifters. 

You see,glycerol is hydroscopic, as such, it pulls in moisture from the air, create cement-like chunks of powder in your tub of pre workout which causes many people to end up throwing out the entire tub of pre workout.

Not anymore thanks to GlycerPump.


GlycerPump is a new high-yield form of the popular hydration agent supplying 65% glycerol by mass. Thanks to Pinnacle Ingredients’ novel spray-drying method, GlycerPump avoids many of the common follies of previous glycerol supplements and brings superior mixability, shelf-stability, and flavoring.

Basically with GlycerPump, you get all the performance-enhancing, cell-saturating, muscle-swelling benefits of glycerol without the annoyances commonplace with previous glycerol supplements.


  • Improved hydration
  • Increased endurance
  • Boosts aerobic and anaerobic power
  • Enhances performance
  • Reduced heart rate during exercise[6]
  • Increased time to exhaustion
  • Lowers “thermal burden” of exercise when training in the heat


Killer Labz Destroyer contains 1g of GlycerPump to enhance hydration, stamina, and performance, along with providing superior muscle fullness and “water” pumps that support the nitric oxide fueled-pumps from L-Citrulline.

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