5 Ways To Naturally Boost Testosterone

Testosterone is often misidentified as the “male” sex hormone. While it’s typical that only men care about their testosterone levels, women have small quantities of testosterone as well.

Likewise, men have small amounts of estrogen. Testosterone’s function, regardless of sex, is to increase muscle, decrease fat, increase strength, increase libido, and stimulate red blood cells just to name a few.

Both hormones are essential for both sexes, but unfortunately in our day and age, optimal hormone levels are becoming more and more out of whack – for men and women. Average testosterone levels have been on a steady decline for the past few decades, -1% every year since the mid 1980’s!

That’s a real kick in the pants when we add in declining testosterone levels with age, and we’re not getting any younger, so what can we do about it?!


That’s right. Eat enough fat. More specifically, eat enough cholesterol. Eat enough of that demonized nutrient to make sure you’re optimizing your anabolic potential. What’s enough?

At least 25% of your daily calories must come from fat. When you eat fat, especially saturated fat, you’re also eating cholesterol along with it. Studies indicate that men eating more fat have greater testosterone levels. You can even keep your total fat intake low if you eat more saturated, but less polyunsaturated, fat.

You see, cholesterol is the base chemical structure of testosterone. If you don’t eat it, your body has to make it, and it just can’t seem to make enough.

Fatty Healthy Foods


This one is a little less controversial. Lifting weights increases testosterone, and you should do it regularly for multiple reasons. Other modes of exercise, like steady state and HIIT cardio, can increase testosterone as well, but lifting is the most potent stimulus.

Caffeine and creatine supplementation in combination with weight training can increase testosterone levels even further! Which brings us to #3.

Lifting Weights


There are a few herbs and minerals known to beneficially affect naturally occurring testosterone levels. Have you heard yet that vitamin D is important? Well then you’ve heard right!

Some argue that vitamin D is more appropriately classified as a hormone than a vitamin, and that is due in part to the fact that vitamin D also has a cholesterol base chemical structure! Zinc, magnesium, and boron are minerals with profound roles in promoting testosterone synthesis.

Herbs such as tribulus terrestris, epimedium, and mucuna pruriens have also been found to increase men’s testosterone levels.


A man’s preference for spicy foods is directly related to his testosterone levels. The more he likes the heat, the more likely he is to have more testosterone.

This may be mediated by the hot pepper extract, capsaicin, and this information comes in the wake of several observations of humans who are more aggressive, commanding, and risk-keen (behaviors associated with testosterone) having an affinity for hot sauce.

Spciy Foods


What the heck is a xenoestrogen? Sounds like some sort of fembot/Alien resurrection mashup. In a way, it is a crazy, often man-made molecule wreaking havoc on our society, so that’s a fair comparison.

Xenoestrogens are termed this because xeno- means stranger or guest. Xenoestrogens come in many forms and common culprits are plastics and other common chemicals (parabens, phthalates, and biphenyls like PCB), food coloring (Red #3), preservatives (BHA), and insecticide (DDT).

This is not to be taken lightly, and chances are something you use every day has some type of xenoestrogen. Anything with “fragrance” or “perfume,” don’t put that on your skin. Chances are that it is a phthalate compound.

Avoid Environmental Xenoestrogens

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