5 Tips to Exterminate the Fat

5 Tips to Exterminate the Fat

The holiday season is upon us and for the majority of people that means pounding back the foods (and packing on the pounds) ahead of the inevitable New Year’s diet resolution.

But, instead of following the trend adding notches to your belt, we’re going the opposite direction, and providing you with three essential tips to help burn body fat fast and stay lean this holiday season.

Top Diet Tips to Lose Weight Fast

Eat Plenty of Fiber

Eat Plenty of Fiber

One of the main reasons people fail when dieting is the constant feeling of hunger, which makes sense given the fact that you’re willingly consuming less food than your body needs.

Eating high amounts of fiber helps slow the speed of digestion, increase satiety, and all of which help you eat less and stay on your diet.

Eat a High-Protein Diet

Protein provides the body with the “building blocks” it needs to build and repair muscle tissue. Anytime you eat below your TDEE, you’re at risk for losing muscle along with fat. Consuming a high protein diet provides the body with ample essential amino acids to preserve lean muscle mass amidst a calorie deficit.

Protein is also highly satiating, and as we stated above, anytime you can feel fuller while dieting helps adherence and supports success with weight loss.

Stress Levels

Reduce Stress

Dieting is stressful, as are the holidays. Combine the two and you have the perfect recipe for overeating and stalled fat loss. Aside from the fact that when we’re stressed we tend to eat foods not in line with our healthy eating plan, chronic stress also increases cortisol levels, which hinders fat loss and promotes fat storage.

Lift Heavy

Far too often when people diet, they adopt the “light weight, high reps” mentality or completely ditch resistance training in lieu of bouts of steady-state cardio. While those ideas might make for great fat loss books, they’re awful for retaining muscle and strength while dieting. Heavy lifting helps build and retain muscle while dieting, which is vital to avoiding the skinny fat look at the end of your cut.

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