Total Kill Kit

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Maximize training performance and lean mass gains with the Killer Labz Total Kill Kit.


What is the Total Kill Kit?

Killer Labz Total Kill Kit brings together the incredible power of the entire Killer Labz arsenal of supplements and offers it to hardcore athletes in one complete, all-encompassing stack. The Total Kill Kit is an advanced supplement stack for dedicated trainees seeking maximum gainz at the fastest rate possible.

What’s in the Total Kill Kit?

  • Stim Reaper -- delivers an otherworldly infusion of energy and focus to skyrocket motivation and aggression all for the purpose of increasing training intensity and performance.

  • Brute BCAA -- offers superior training fuel for your intense training sessions with the combination of muscle-sparing BCAAs alongside the anabolic duo of epicatechin and laxogenin.

  • Predator Pro -- provides complete post workout nutrition and amplifies the anabolic stimulus of resistance training by supplying 26 grams of high quality whey protein alongside potent muscle building phytochemicals in laxogenin and epicatechin..

  • Exterminator -- helps avoid excess fat gain during massing phases by including a synergistic matrix of natural thermogenics, metabolism boosters, and appetite regulators.

  • Terminator-Test -- supports muscle recovery and lean mass gains by enhancing the body’s natural testosterone production while limiting production of fat-promoting, muscle-wasting hormones in cortisol and estrogen.





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