Shredding Kill Kit


 What’s in the Shredding Kill Kit?

  • Exterminator -- provides the solution to every common dieting problem. Exterminator is a high energy thermogenic fat burner that increases alertness, heightens focus, crushes appetite, boosts metabolism, and accelerates weight loss with its synergistic matrix of proven compounds.
  • Brute BCAA -- supplies skeletal muscles with valuable amino acids to protect against the catabolic effects of dieting. In addition to supplying BCAAs, Brute BCAA also delivers natural muscle builders in epicatechin and laxogenin that enhance nitrogen balance, reduce stress, and preserve lean muscle mass.
  • Terminator -- supports healthy testosterone levels and provides natural agents to combat the fat-promoting hormones cortisol and estrogen. Terminator helps boost libido, mood, and most importantly, natural testosterone production all in support of greater fat loss and increased energy and vitality.
Brute BCAA Flavor:

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