Laxo Kill Kit

Laxo Kill Kit

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Experience the true anabolic potential of laxogenin with the Killer Labz Laxo Kill Kit.

What is the Laxo Kill Kit?

Killer Labz Laxo Kill Kit harnesses the power of laxogenin -- one of the most intriguing natural anabolics on the market -- with the combination of Brute BCAA and Predator Pro. Laxogenin is a phytosterol renowned for its ability to enhance protein synthesis, reduce catabolism, and accelerate recovery following intense exercise.

What’s in the Laxo Kill Kit?

  • Brute BCAA -- brings together three highly anabolic supplements in branched-chain amino acids, epicatechin, and laxogenin. The synergistic combination of these natural muscle builders increases protein synthesis, decreases muscle breakdown, and amplifies the body recovery abilities.
  • Predator Pro -- amplifies the muscle-building potential of Brute BCAA with the combination of laxogenin + epicatechin-infused whey protein. Every lifter knows of the anabolic potential of whey protein. Adding two high-potency natural anabolics in laxogenin and epicatechin dials up the muscle-building potential of this exceptional whey protein powder.

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