Top Supplements for Muscle Mass

If you eat right and train hard, chances are you’re interested in gaining muscle and strength as fast as humanly possible. To gain muscle as quickly as possible, you really need to do just three simple things: Consume enough protein Eat more calories than your burn Follow a proper resistance-training program the utilizes the principles […]

Optimal Protein Intake for Massive Muscle Growth

Despite what the YouTube fitness culture, bodybuilding magazines, and supplement companies tell you, building muscle is a relatively straightforward endeavor. It essentially requires three things: ● Lift heavy weights a few times per week following the principles of progressive overload ● Eat a surplus of calories ● Consume enough protein Seems pretty simple, doesn’t it? […]

Is Fasted Cardio the Key for Shredding Fat While Maintaining Muscle?

In the age of Instagram, everyone’s favorite lifters’ and models’ daily lives have become publicized for all to see. A blessing and a curse really, watching Flex Lewis prepare for another Olympia defense and getting notifications he’s hopping on Insta live while he does his ritualistic fasted morning cardio, raises the question “should I being […]

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) the best for Fat Loss

According to everyone and their mother nowadays the only way to lose fat is to get on a cardio machine and bust your ass all out for a short duration then rest, rinse and repeat until the machine has a healthy coat of your perspiration. Supposedly this is all about oxygen consumption, growth hormone, and […]

Can You Lower Estrogen and Raise Testosterone at the Same Time?

Increase testosterone

Can You Lower Estrogen and Raise Testosterone at the Same Time? This is one of the classic imbalanced types of questions, like can you lose fat and gain muscle at the same time? Two things that are difficult enough on their own, and we want both simultaneously. While changing body composition takes a long time […]