Killer Labz launching a second pre-workout called Destroyer

Killer Labz Pre-Workout

Killer Labz fans are about to get an all-new pre-workout to choose from called Destroyer. The hardcore branded company has released a preview of the supplement today, and also confirmed that it will be different from its current competitor, Executioner.

Unlike Killer Labz first pre-workout, its next entry is going to have a 100% transparent label, telling you exactly how much of each ingredient you’re getting. According to the brand, Destroyer is also a high stimulant product like Executioner, so it will be interesting to see the final formula and how much it differs.

Killer Labz Destroyer is currently due to release somewhere between two to three weeks from now, which is around late October to early November. It’ll be available first through the brand’s own online store as well as in Australia and the UK through the distributors Spartan Suppz and Power Myself.

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