Gainz Kill Kit

Stim Reaper Flavor:
Brute BCAA Flavor:

What’s in the Gainz Kill Kit?

  • Stim Reaper-- high-stimulant pre workout teeming with powerful neurological activators, motivation boosters, and performance enhancers. Stim Reaper is a complete pre workout designed to help you kill every workout.
  • Brute BCAA -- combines muscle-building BCAAs alongside powerful recovery agents to accelerate muscle growth and recovery. The inclusion of natural natural muscle builders in epicatechin and laxogenin make Brute BCAA the de facto peri workout supplement for athletes seeking maximal muscle gain.
  • Terminator -- supports optimal production of the most anabolic hormone in the body -- testosterone. Utilizing a highly synergistic combination of natural anti-estrogen, anti-cortisol agents and man-making phytochemicals, Terminator-Test helps optimize hormone levels for superior recovery and growth.

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