Starter Kill Kit

Brute BCAA Flavor:
Predator Pro Flavor:
Stim Reaper Flavor:

What’s in the Starter Kill Kit?

  • Stim Reaper -- Experience otherworldly energy, focus, and motivation with Killer Labz high-energy pre workout Stim Reaper. Each serving of Stim Reaper injects the CNS with raw, intense energy that motivates the mind and body to go beyond its physical limits.
  • Brute BCAA -- Intense training demands intra supplementation, and that’s exactly what Killer Labz provides with Brute BCAA. Each serving of Brute BCAA supplies valuable amino acids and all natural anabolics that enhance muscle growth and recovery.
  • Predator Pro -- Adequate protein intake is mandatory for superior lean mass gains. Predator Pro supplies 26 grams of high quality whey protein in each serving along with muscle-building phytochemicals in (-)-epicatechin and laxogenin to boost protein synthesis and muscle mass.

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