Destroy Your Workout Kill Kit

Destroy Your Workout Kill Kit

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Crush PRs, enhance muscle growth, and accelerate recovery with Killer Labz Destroy Your Workout Kill Kit.

 What is the Destroy Your Workout Kill Kit?

Killer Labz Destroy Your Workout Kill Kit provides athletes not only with the fuel they need to kill their workouts, but also the vital nutrients they require to support recovery and enhance lean mass gains.

What’s in the Destroy Your Kill Kit?

  • Stim Reaper -- Limitless energy, tunnel vision, and dogged determination is what’s in store when taking Stim Reaper pre workout. This high potency stim-based pre workout is coursing with powerful energy boosters, focus enhancers, and performance aids that help you push harder for longer during training.

  • Noxious -- High volume pump pre workout that delivers massive muscle pumps. Noxious is stimulant-free and stacks perfectly with Stim Reaper to create a potent pre workout stack that delivers tremendous energy and energy alongside monstrous pumps.

  • Brute BCAA -- delivers the rapid infusion of amino acids skeletal muscles demand around training. Containing a mixture of branched-chain amino acids, recovery agents, and all-natural anabolic phytochemical, Brute BCAA is the ultimate training fuel for hard-charging athletes.

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