High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) the best for Fat Loss

According to everyone and their mother nowadays the only way to lose fat is to get on a cardio machine and bust your ass all out for a short duration then rest, rinse and repeat until the machine has a healthy coat of your perspiration. Supposedly this is all about oxygen consumption, growth hormone, and fat cell mobilization, they are not wrong but only addressing half of the equation.

First and foremost, if you are not in a caloric deficit then you will not be burning fat it’s that simple, run all the sprints you want but if you eat your bodyweight in French fries it’s not doing anything to burn fat cells. Watching commercials of people bouncing up and down on their bow flex interval trainer and hearing stories about them losing weight is cool and all but if you are weight training *spoiler alert* you are already doing interval training. Moral of the story, cardiovascular training should almost be considered a supplement to fat loss not an entrée, a good fat loss supplement a proper nutrition protocol will get you there just as well with or without the cardio.

Now that we have established whether or not cardio is necessary as a part of a fat loss diet let’s talk about HIIT training and its effectiveness. There are many benefits to having some HIIT training in your program, the main one being an excellent form of conditioning. No one likes waking up the stairs while you are trying to mack on your crush and you can’t string two sentences together because of how winded you are. Secondly, they are awesome ways to eat calories up in a very short duration, 15-30 mins of high intensity training could burn two to three times the same amount of calories as a ow intensity session for the same duration. Lastly, HIIT can also aide in strength, power, and even muscle building when done correctly and in the proper environment (caloric surplus and adequate recovery), just don’t replace your squats with incline treadmill sprints as you’ll lose your right to claim that you “even lift bro”.

While everyone claims that HIIT will put a six pack on you instantly and make your favorite Instagram model slide into your DM’s. While per min of high intensity activity you will burn more calories, you also cannot maintain duration as you can with lower intensity protocols, whereas an hour of incline walking will burn more calories than 20 mins sprints. The main reasons why lifters need to be wary of bringing this style of training into their programs is the recovery aspect. HIIT training is rough on the joints and muscles and should be treated more along the lines of a weight training session, and adding HIIT could hinder your performance in the gym.

Ideally we would all just adjust our calories to our physique goals and cardio would never be necessary, but there are some that like it and others that need it. Picking your cardio is important, always keep in mind what and when you are training, then focus on the time allotted for the session. If you have an upper body session the next day and only thirty mins to do cardio, pick HIIT, but if you are squatting the next day and have over 30 mins, tone it down a tad. Either way, if your goal is to get rid of the calories you ate, Exterminator is the way to go. Killer Labz Exterminator sets a new standard in the thermogenic category by increasing thermogenesis, controlling appetite and increasing energy levels to burn more calories!