Fixing 3 Chest Training Mistakes with Killer Labz

Fixing 3 Chest Training Mistakes with Killer Labz

While oftentimes a set of killer abs is the cornerstone of a desirable physique for a guy, a powerful, well developed chest is just as, if not more important. You may very well be already training your chest, however it seems that a lot of guys sell themselves short when it comes to getting the most out of their chest workout. In this article, we’ll cover a few of the biggest mistakes that guys make when training chest and how to fix them!


Mistake 1: Not Using Enough Time Under Tension


A lot of the time, most guys only focus on moving the weight when they are performing chest exercises. While you should work in a full range of motion, one key item that many overlook is the time under tension. This is where the reps are done in a controlled fashion, moving a controlled manner for both the eccentric (lowering) and concentric (raising) portions of the lift, moving fairly slowly and without ‘locking out’ the joints during the movement. While you may have to use a slightly lighter weight,his technique can maximize the amount of muscle fiber that is stimulated and help elicit the most growth.



Mistake 2: Only Working Your Chest In Certain Angles


While many think of training the chest with traditional movements such as bench press are enough, it is important to remember that the pectoral muscles are complex. The chest is often times overworked in the horizontal position by bench pressing, but most don’t realize that they attach in multiple places and the muscle fiber itself has different directions. This is important as it means that to maximally stimulate growth, you should use a variety of movements, angles and tempos in training. Use a variety of exercises such as presses and flys with a variety of angles including flat, incline and decline. This will cause a variety of stimulation and keep you on the fast track to stimulating new growth.


Mistake 3: Not Focusing on Working The Muscle


Maybe you’ve heard the saying before, but one that really rings true with it comes to the chest is to work the muscle, don’t just move the weight. While there are many out there that have what would be considered a ‘strong’ chest when it comes to amount of weight lifted, very few actually can ‘feel’ it being worked. When you lift, you need to make a conscious effort to feel the muscle being worked. For example when doing a dumbbell press, make sure that you’re lowering the weight at a rate that keeps the chest muscle activated and focus on squeezing the chest when weight is pressed at the top to maximally stimulate the fiber.


While there are many different ways that you can make mistakes during your training, these are 3 of the biggest mistakes that can be rectified to make faster gains. Focus on these three items and you’ll be amazed at the progress you make.