Can You Lower Estrogen and Raise Testosterone at the Same Time?

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Can You Lower Estrogen and Raise Testosterone at the Same Time?

This is one of the classic imbalanced types of questions, like can you lose fat and gain muscle at the same time? Two things that are difficult enough on their own, and we want both simultaneously. While changing body composition takes a long time in any regard, increasing testosterone while decreasing estrogen is actually fairly easy in men. And without a trip to the HRT clinic, I might add.

It’s a myth that men have testosterone and women have estrogen. We both have both, but in different quantities. For men, most of our estrogen comes from testosterone via a process known as aromatization. As a result, the body is able to use estrogen as an indicator of testosterone production and levels. It’s able to do this because if there is a lot of estrogen, there must have been a lot of testosterone around to serve as precursor – meaning testosterone production is high. On the other hand, if estrogen is low, the body thinks testosterone is low, which means it should speed up production.


What does this have to do with increasing our testosterone levels? Remember that process – aromatization? Since aromatization takes testosterone and turns it into estrogen, making our bodies think testosterone is high, so it should slow down testosterone production, we can slow down the process of aromatization, reversing the process. Said differently, if we can inhibit aromatase (the enzyme responsible for aromatization), we can decrease estrogen levels and trick the body into producing more testosterone!

This can be achieved with an aromatase inhibitor (obvious name, right?). The best aromatase inhibitor available is known as Androsta-2, 5-diene-7, 17-dione, aka Arimistane. Arimistane has been a favorite in bodybuilding circles for controlling estrogen while athletes are using a little extra supplemental testosterone, and it’s used because it’s the best there is for that purpose. It’s a gray area for natural athletes, as it will increase testosterone, muscle mass, and libido, but it is not a testosterone derivative like most anabolic steroids. That all being said, Arimistane is a legal supplement.


Because Arimistane can increase testosterone while decreasing estrogen AND cortisol, it is a huge body recomposition tool that will improve your anabolic to catabolic ratio to pack on lean pounds while controlling, and even reducing, body fat. Having a better hormone profile will also lead to faster recovery, more strength, less water retention, and more visible vascularity.

Unlike testosterone or other agents that disrupt the body’s natural processes, Arimistane and other AI’s do not interfere as long as the user remains within the recommended dosage range of up to 100mg per day. This means that someone using Arimistane can just stop without any unintended consequences. After all, it is used to reduce the side effects of the real-deal steroids.

Arimistane, listed as Androsta-2, 5-diene-7, 17-dione, can be found in Killer Labz Epistrol alongside (-)-Epicatechin. Together, these two ingredients pack a wallop of muscle building power. The great effects of Arimistane combined with the myostatin-inhibiting effects of (-)-Epicatechin form a killer 1-2 punch! If you’re looking for lean gains, more energy, and faster recovery, Epistrol will perfectly suit your needs.


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